Melt launches, aims to re-imagine the way companies manage paid subscriptions and recurring bills.

Every month, our bank accounts and credit cards are paying out a significant portion of our assets because all companies have paid business subscriptions and because today this is the most efficient way to get services or goods we need. We use subscriptions every day, from mobile phones, the Internet, and software to delivery of food to our offices and homes. Every month we receive a lot of recurring bills to pay for online apps and services, car leases or rent.

The subscription model becomes the primary business model, and recurring payments will make up a significant part of recurring spending of companies.

The recurring payments industry is increasingly receiving attention, with a Global Payment Report projecting that the recurring payments will grow significantly in the upcoming years and reach more than $300bn, and the subscription business model pervades all spheres of human life.

“The problem is that today paid subscriptions are the most unmanageable. But what if you can pay less? Do you know how much money each month automatically charged from your account? How many paid subscriptions are you paying at the moment? Are you sure that you do not pay for services that you do not use? And did you know that you can pay less? There are many other questions you could ask yourself,” says Founder Vitalii Soldatenko, who worked in IT before founding her first startup in 1999.

“But the control or hidden charges problem is not the only one. Subscribing to services, as well as canceling services, should be a simple and immediate process. Fear of service providers failing to provide such opportunities is likely rooted in older models and the companies’ desire to retain customers, but it contradicts modern trends. On the contrary, by providing an easy way to subscribe and cancel subscriptions, service providers will experience growth in the consumption of services. This model removed barriers and conditioned fear of consumers due to the compound non-rendered services procedures. It also applies to the highly complex migration from one provider to another. If you’ve ever switched your mobile number from one provider to another, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

Melt is the best way for businesses and small teams to manage paid subscriptions and recurring payments. Our mission is simple and clear — to make a recurring spending efficient, transparent and an easy to handle. Melt designed to help businesses and people to find, track and manage paid subscriptions and recurring bills. Melt allows companies and people to manage their subscriptions and payment methods; take into account expenses to get alternative offers, all in one place.

We want you to focus on being great at what you do, and help you get what you need. You shouldn’t be worrying about improper payments, unwanted subscriptions, poor services or wasting time. Melt is the best there is. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us at Our team of experts is ready and waiting to assist you! For more information visit